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June 2023

The busiest traffic axis is perfect for RIBA Trailers

Through March, RIBA Trailers found the perfect location on the A12.
Through March, RIBA Trailers found the perfect location on the A12.

Proactive approach with AI tool results in good human contact

RIBA Trailers is a growing family business that specializes in producing trailers, especially for boats. The March team used the March AI tool to proactively match them with interesting properties tailored to their needs, and thereby contact them. That's how it came to a first visit with March Companion Ben Van der Smissen, whose professional approach was immediately appreciated by Dimitry Eggers from RIBA Trailers.

Various visits to well-matched properties

However, the first building that was visited did not turn out to be fully appreciated on site, because RIBA Trailers was more looking for a visible location. After all, RIBA Trailers sees the potential to grow rapidly by settling in a prominent location. Companion Ben then went on the market to find business premises with the perfect location, and found it a short time later: a building located along the A12 in Aartselaar, owned by De Pauw Dierenspeciaalzaak.

When visiting the site, Dimitry from RIBA Trailers was immediately enthusiastic. The surface, the outdoor area and the location were ideal for what RIBA Trailers was looking for. A nice added value was the fact that there is a totem in front of the building where RIBA Trailers can advertise.

As always, the human aspect also played a role: from the first visit, things clicked well between the two parties.

Further visits confirmed the first impression and led to the lease agreement

A few more visits followed, after which it became clear that both parties had a good feeling about the rent. A rental agreement under common law could therefore be drawn up quickly. Of course, March Companion Ben provided smooth and correct guidance here. After signing the rental agreement, to the satisfaction of all parties, the practical handling of the move could also be done smoothly. This is how RIBA Trailers is ready for further growth!

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