Data leads to better decisions.

The March strategy from the start has been to build, collaborate and invest in technology solutions that transform corporate real estate. By supporting every facet of the business with tech tools today and pioneering groundbreaking solutions tomorrow, March helps shape the future of real estate.

We help various stakeholders in real estate with the optimization of their own data. In addition, we enrich the decision-making processes based on our market knowledge and the ever-increasing open data sources.

March AI

March has had a data-first philosophy on the digital transformation of the industry since its inception. AI is only as good as the data it is trained on. March therefore invests heavily in data and organizes it. March's extensive internal data is therefore supplemented with external company and real estate sources. With clean, quality-assured, strictly managed data, March can expand its technology strategy into the AI ​​era for the benefit of its customers.

March has a custom artificial intelligence (AI) model, developed by our tech team, that is used by March's Companions and Navigators to better and faster match supply and demand, and deliver corporate real estate insights to clients in a whole new way.

March Tools

With an end-to-end approach to real estate, including an in-house technology department, March offers extensive expertise through its people and innovative technology. We are an early adopter of AI and now have 3 core tools in development or beta.
March Data Hub
Our own secure CRM environment and our external data cloud platform, up to date and scalable.
March Matching Engine
The tool that predicts and matches supply and demand in commercial real estate for our Companions.
March Market Hunter
The tool for real estate players to predict, identify and track opportunities.
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March Data Hub

We developed our own CRM and data input environment, which ensures that the right data is stored in a correct and secure manner. All company and personal data are kept safe, accurate and up-to-date.

This is constantly supplemented and cross-referenced with open data and data from partner companies, which are stored in our own secure cloud environment. The own environment also allows perfect integration with the other tools that March develops.
March Data Hub screenshot

March Matching Engine

March Matching Engine screenshot
Connecting buyers, sellers and lenders at the right time, with the right data at hand – in seconds – will determine success in this new generative AI era. By using extensive real estate data with the insights of our Matching Engine trained by our Companions, decision making is significantly improved. We use AI to predict the right user for an available property, so our Companions can focus on the best match. In addition, the Companions can find the most suitable options for parties looking for real estate.

By using the March Matching Engine in our secure computing environment, our real estate experts can deliver faster, smarter insights to our clients. This innovation allows us to make our most valuable asset – our people – technically possible to deliver unparalleled services to our customers.

March's clients can be confident that they can execute their real estate strategies significantly faster based on robust data and unique insights because our Companions have this cutting-edge technology at their fingertips.

March Market Hunter

The March Market Hunter will become available in the future as a tool for real estate developers and investors.

We use AI to allow our clients to find, track and optimize their real estate investment opportunities. In this way we create a competitive advantage for our customers and new opportunities in the real estate market.

March wants to help real estate players to solve the shortage of space by identifying those plots where existing space is underutilized. By finding built-up but underused plots for our clients, March helps to improve one of the most important social problems of our generation: how we combine sustainable growth with sustainable use of space.
March Market Hunter screenshot

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