About March


For owners of commercial real estate and real estate professionals, March is the ideal companion.

We help owners and real estate professionals at 4 crucial moments:

  • Active prospection of plots to (re)develop
  • Purchasing of identified properties
  • Letting a developed or existing property
  • Selling a property in its integrity to an investor

For companies looking for commercial space, March is the ideal companion.

We accompany experienced SMEs, young entrepreneurs and startups in the searching process for commercial space tailored to their needs: from initial search to moving in.

We find the right match between company profile and real estate: we look out for the physical extension of the company DNA.


March makes the difference by focusing on quick follow-up and proactiveness, supported by technology.

Quick follow-up

Tell us briefly what you need, and we’ll handle the rest. By using smart tools, we can quickly identify the right requirements, and work effectively. This means we can offer the right proposals at short notice, and ensure a professional approach throughout the whole process.


We actively pursue the match. We analyse for every space who the ideal users would be, and target those users proactively with an elaborated proposal for that specific space. That way, we don’t just capture companies that are actively looking for commercial space, we also free the latent potential with companies that are open for the perfect match.


Using technology and artificial intelligence to support our professionals, we can make true on our promise of quick follow-up and proactiveness. As such, we are a property technology (“Proptech”) company that places the human factor at the heart of our operation: after all, the real estate sector is and will be driven foremost by experienced professionals that make the difference.


March was founded in March 2019 by Philippe Meire and Paul Thiers.


Benefiting from years of experience with several players in the commercial real estate sector, Philippe assures the operational management of March.


With a long and successful track record in business and investment, Paul is chairman of March’s Board of Directors.

You are owner of a property?

If you would like to let or sell a property, we are at your disposal to discuss with you the possibilities to commercialise your property.

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