Matchmaking in commercial real estate, enabled by AI.

Are you looking for a new space for sale or rent for your company? Our people guide you through every step of the search process, supported by our own technology. Read more

Do you have a space that you would like to commercialize? If you sell or rent with March, we proactively find the ideal match, quickly and efficiently. Read more

Are you, as a stakeholder in the real estate world, looking for insights and market knowledge based on data? March uses its own and public data to make real estate processes more efficient for its customers. Read more
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March: for companies looking for commercial space

Using the March Matching Engine, our Navigators can quickly analyze the correct search criteria of a company and propose suitable properties in a personalized manner in the short term. The process runs as follows:


Van bij het eerste contact helpt de March Navigator u met het bepalen van de juiste zoekcriteria voor uw ideale bedrijfsruimte. Aan de hand van een aantal gerichte vragen creƫren we uw persoonlijk digitaal bedrijfsprofiel.

On this profile you can always find the selected properties for sale or for rent, with a detailed description..


The March Navigator has fully concretized the search question and is further examining the possibilities together with the designated March Companion.

You will be contacted to discuss the opportunity together and schedule a visit. That visit is done with the Companion, an experienced real estate agent who knows the property and the owner well.


You choose the property that best suits your search profile. The Companion mediates between you and the owner to ensure your needs are met, while carefully considering your specific requirements and growth plans. The result: a good rental or purchase agreement.

The expertise and experience of our Navigators and Companions will guide you to the ideal location that perfectly matches your business vision.
We guide multinationals, experienced SMEs, young entrepreneurs and start-ups in the search process for corporate real estate that is tailor-made for them.

From initial search to relocation: we find the right match between company profile and real estate. We look for the physical extension of the company DNA.
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March: for owners and developers of commercial real estate.

We help owners and real estate professionals at four crucial moments:
  • Active prospecting of plots to be (re)developed
  • Purchase of identified properties
  • Rental of a developed or existing property
  • Sale of an integral (rented) building to prospective buyers
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March has a custom artificial intelligence (AI) model, developed by our tech team, that is used by March's Companions and Navigators to better and faster match supply and demand, and deliver corporate real estate insights to clients in a whole new way. offer. By using extensive real estate data with the insights of our Matching Engine that have been trained by our Companions, decision-making is significantly improved.
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We use AI to more quickly predict the right user for an available property, so that our Companions can proactively focus on the best match. Our Companions, who are experts in real estate negotiations, will work out the right deal for that match.

March: market knowledge and opportunities for real estate stakeholders.

We apply human expertise and AI to enable our clients to find, track and optimize their real estate investment opportunities. In this way we create a competitive advantage for our customers and new opportunities in the real estate market.

We offer our insights to various parties, in different forms: via tools with our technology that we integrate with customers, via consulting processes for specific real estate projects, via market reports and/or supply analyses.
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