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December 2022

The country's best-smelling warehouse: Mon Dada

Luxury candle label Mon Dada quickly looked for and found a workspace to ensure their further growth.
Luxury candle label Mon Dada quickly looked for and found a workspace to ensure their further growth.

A beautiful and successful startup story leads to the need for more space

3 years ago, Pauline D'Haenens founded a company that invents and makes high-quality scented candles. Mon Dada scented candles are currently available in 400 stores in around 40 countries. Last year, Mon Dada was even named “promising SME of the Year” by Unizo. Ten people are also already contributing to Pauline's dream. The need for a larger workspace became acute, as such phenomenal growth meant that they had to exchange Pauline's parents' garage for a real 200 m² business building in Zwevegem soon after it was founded, which in turn became too small after just eight months. However, a search for warehouses for rent in Zwevegem and the surrounding area provided few opportunities. Some properties in the area were for sale, but that was not yet an option for Mon Dada. Other options came too late or had yet to be built.

An Instagram post put March on the trail

Pauline launched an appeal via various channels to quickly find a new space. Her Instagram post was shared by Michaël Despriet, who promptly contacted her and was able to suggest a number of solutions the next day. Michaël was able to make sure that a visit could be scheduled quickly with the most interesting option: a warehouse on the Spoorwegstraat in Harelbeke. Pauline was immediately convinced that this was the ideal property. After all, not only was there almost 500 m² of free space on the ground floor, the building also had a large mezzanine where an office could be created.

Mon Dada's production team in action.
Mon Dada's production team in action.

Quick to use

A quick treatment of the file was important for Mon Dada and the owner. Michaël and the March team provided a clear and transparent lease agreement under common law. This agreement was reached quickly, so Pauline and her team were able to move into the warehouse at very short notice. A few months later, business newspaper De Tijd was able to enter a interview with Pauline label the building as the “best-smelling warehouse in the country”.

“I posted our search on Instagram, and March responded quickly via Michaël Despriet. We called and he presented us with a few properties. I was immediately convinced of the 600m2 warehouse with two upper floors in Stasegem near Kortrijk.” - Pauline D'Haenens

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